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Last updated: August, 2012

   Respect all members:
   Pakinvestorsguide strongly believes in the free exchange of information and knowledge. Please respect all posts and opinions provided by the contributing members. Without mutual respect for one another the flow of information will be limited.

    Maintain professionalism:
   In order to maintain the integrity of the boards, we ask that participating members maintain a professional attitude towards one another. We strive to maintain a high standard of education and discussion on the site. Pakinvestorsguide reserves the right to remove any post/thread that deems unsuitable of the quality of the board.

    No Typing in ALL CAPS:
   Typing in all caps is considered by most to be yelling, and makes posts difficult to read. Typing in all caps is considered to be irritating and rude in nearly all forums.

    No Cross Posting:
   Please choose the most relevant forum, topic, or thread to post your question, and post it once. Do not post the same question in multiple forums or threads.

    No Excessive or Unnecessary Posting:
   Posting excessively to raise your post count or credibility will not be tolerated.

    Keep it clean:
   Unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, vulgar, obscene, hateful, and racist language and comments are not tolerated on Pakinvestorsguide and will lead to a ban of the members account.

    Keep your Account Active:
   Your account will be suspended automatically if you haven't logged-in for straight 90 days. We encourage members to post and share their experience.

    We are not financial advisers:
   Financial advice can only be provided by a certified individual. We do not allow stock promotions and hyping up of any financial instrument on the site. Please refrain from asking and providing financial advice. Pakinvestorsguide is a trading discussion forum. We believe in education of the trader and are against relying on “tips”.

    No promotion allowed:
   Pakinvestorsguide does not accept solicitation and spam on the boards. We have a strict anti-spam policy and if violated, members will be banned without notice. If you are affiliated with any service provider, promotion is strictly prohibited. Common promotion methods include: silent spamming techniques, private messaging members, discount coupons, affiliate links, and implementing vendor messages in charts.

    Copyright infringement is not allowed:
   Pakinvestorsguide does not allow copyrighted material to be posted on the boards. We place great value in works of others and therefore encourage members who post sourced material like articles, analysis, news and charts etc to credit the source whenever possible. Any material in violation of copyright infringement laws will be removed.

    Share, Discuss, and Learn:
   Pakinvestorsguide is an interactive portal for the active trader. Please participate freely with an open mind and enjoy your stay.

Inobservance of the above-mentioned guidelines will lead to an immediate warning and/or deletion of the concerned post. Repeated offences will lead to the member being permanently banned from If you feel that a member of this forum has violated any of the above mentioned guidelines and would like to bring it to our attention, then please click on the 'Report to moderator' at the bottom right hand corner of every post.

These rules are subject to change as and when needed. Any changes thus made, will be updated here along with a revision date. It's the member's responsibility to keep a check on the rules and guideline changes from time to time.